Bedlam Stories

Intrepid reporter Nellie Bly infiltrates infamous Bedlam Asylum to discover patient Dorothy Gale and the shade known as Alice. The nightmare worlds of Oz and Wonderland will collide...

Why doth the little insane child\nImprove her shining blade,
To spill the blood of those that smiled
Then left her so betrayed.
How very cross she has become,
The madness can’t be stopped,
Although salvation waits for some,
The rest must all be chopped.

Nellie sat bolt upright in bed gasping for breath. She looked around at the walls, the miniscule window, the cot, the heavy door…she was ineffably relieved to find herself in her room in the insane asylum.”\n\nSet in the 1920s, intrepid reporter Nellie Bly fakes insanity to gain admission into the infamous Bedlam Asylum. While researching her expose, Nellie meets a young patient, Dorothy, who has delusions of a fantasy land she calls “Oz”.

Digging deeper into the dark history of the asylum, Nellie uncovers evidence of human experimentations on another inmate, a young girl named Alice, who’s “Wonderland” mirrors Dorothy’s imaginary world. Nellie is determined not to let Dorothy share Alice’s fate as a twisted test subject. But the horrific experiments open a portal to these other worlds. When the dark and twisted inhabitants of Oz and Wonderland clash for control, Nellie realizes that they aren’t delusions at all – they are terrifyingly real.

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Bedlam Stories Book Trailer

Pearry Teo is a Singaporean born director producer who made history as the first of his native country to direct a Hollywood feature film, with 2007’s sci-fi thriller The Gene Generation, starring Bai Ling and Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway. Teo’s films combine uniquely sinister visuals with engaging, action driven story lines that have been met with wide acclaim from horror audiences. Teo’s unique stylistic sensibility characterizes the dark fantasy world of his films, ranging from a twisted remaining of the Land of Oz to cyberpunk dystopia.